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PROTOPAPER – Design a 3D Prototype

2 June 2015

From a simple sheet of paper, you can make a real 3D design reproduction or a small design object (As in the sideline).

How impressive it is, don’t you think ? I would be curious to know more about the possibilities of this paper. We can see more on their website [...]

You should try to do it and if you decide to give it a go, please send us an email to show us what you have done with this paper.



ProtoPaper Lab is a small company based in London. They work with small local manufacturers to produce small runs of ProtoPaper which allow them to make on demand orders, so as to avoid waste paper.


P.S : Good news ! They have only now two types of protopaper  :  . But ! They planned to increase their range by creating Protopaper with new printed pattern.

Hopefully, one day I could do another creation to make something different from the Abstract Pise Tower..