The prime quality natural veneers we use for your furniture are chosen for their beauty


Generally yellowy-brown in colour with darker brown or grey-black streaks. This attractive veneer is available both crown and quartered and mainly used for exclusive architectural interior work.


Bubinga or African Rosewood is a colorful species from Africa’s West Coast. Unlike other Rosewoods, the colours range from red and brown to violet tones. Used for fine furniture.

Olive Ash

Olive Ash is a sought-after veneer and is highly valued for its unique colors and swirly grain patterns. This veneer is produced from the dark streaks in the heartwood of European Ash trees.


A highly decorative veneer and light gold in colour with narrow stripes of dark brown to almost black. The surface is lustrous, and the texture somewhat course. The wood is hard and heavy.


Afromosia veneer has a beautiful golden brown color with a ribbon figure. It is a harder wood veneer, a great choice for fine furniture projects. Can be used as an alternative to teak for boat interiors.


One of the darkest coloured veneers, Wenge is rich brown with black veining. The finished surface has a distinctive look and is used for architectural interiors and contemporary furniture.


This fine-textured and attractive veneer has a marked contrast between its creamy sapwood and darker golden to golden brown heartwood. Generally used in quality furniture-making.


Available crown, quarter or rift cut, Teak is fairly plain in appearance, often with an attractive crown. It contains natural oil and colour can range from light golden brown to dark brown.

American Black Walnut

The colour varies from creamy white to dark chocolate brown, occasionally with purplish and darker streaks. The wood is generally straight grained but crown cut can give a highly decorative figure.

Santos Rosewood

Usually from Bolivia, this classic exotic veneer looks its best with a semi-gloss lacquered finish. Highly decorative and tan coloured to to medium brown with dark brown and black veining.

Rio Rosewood

Considered the most beautiful of the Rosewood veneers, its availability is limited. Variable in appearance, colour ranges from chocolate to orange brown. Used only on the finest furniture.


A stunning veneer from Central America, Cocobolo is only used for the finest furniture and interior work. Has various shades of orange, red, brown and black, the colours deepen with age.

Macassar Ebony

Dark brown with contrasting streaks, used for many purposes where a striking or dramatic look is required. mostly used for fine furniture-making, kitchens and interior woodwork.


This highly distinctive veneer is medium and dark brown with black veining. Used mainly on smaller projects like guitars and jewelry boxes, becoming popular for fine furniture.

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