Using sustainably sourced timber reduces our environmental impact

American Red Oak

A highly attractive hardwood from eastern USA that’s used for furniture and joinery worldwide. The name Red Oak comes from the colour of the autumn leaves.


An African hardwood with an oily composition that is extremely moisture resistant. Known as African Teak and used as a Teak substitute it darkens over time to a rich mid-brown colour.


An African Mahogany type used for furniture, high quality interior joinery and exterior joinery items. This dense even grained timber has a deep reddish brown colour.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is suited to many interior applications due to it’s low density and high structural stability. An attractive softwood with a straight, uniform grain pattern.

European Oak

Generally straight with beautiful medullary rays when quarter cut. Never out of fashion, one of our favorites for high quality furniture, cabinetmaking and all variety of joinery uses.

Douglas Fir

A giant tree that has been known to reach 90 metres. This softwood has an exceptionally straight and fine grain and is available as raw timber in huge sections. A warm orange-brown colour.

European Elm

This wild figured timber can have a wonderful swirling grain. Elm can add another dimension to the right piece of furniture due to its depth of pattern. Traditionally used for chair seats.


Otherwise known as poplar, it has a light yellowish colour with heartwood that can be green and purple. Uses include interior furniture and joinery, it is highly suitable for paint finished items.

Hard Maple

Very hard and strong with a creamy white colour and smooth surface texture. This timber is well suited to contemporary furniture and interior joinery with crisp minimalist lines.

European Beech

With a straight grain, fine even texture and a characteristic fleck, this timber machines well and is highly suitable for steam bending. Uses include furniture, kitchen implements and children’s toys.

American Ash

Straight grained with a heavy pattern similar to oak. Colour varies from creamy white to light brown. Uses include interior joinery, cabinetmaking and gymnasium equipment.

American Black Walnut

Walnut is the only really dark North American timber. It polishes to a smooth finish and has colour that ranges from creamy white to a rich brown. Used for high quality furniture and joinery.

American White oak

White Oak is amongst the most versatile of timbers. Widely used for furniture and joinery items, this timber is a timeless classic. Generally available as crown cut boards with knots and grain variation.

Black Cherry

A premium hardwood prized for its natural luster, attractive grain, and rich warm glow. This timber has a consistent colour and is available in wide boards clear of knots and defects.

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