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How was the CDW 2015 ?

26 May 2015
Picture : Platform Exhibition

Thursday 21st of May, 2015


Quendon Furniture has been to the Clerkenwell Design Week as we promised you, and we came back with a lot of innovative and design ideas but also a lot of things to show you in case you didn’t have the opportunity to come. We would like to present you people and projects which drawn our attention as young designers, street art, skateboard trend, fun design or handcraft know-how… ! Here, Find what we remember from this day and do not hesitate to tell us what you thought about it too :





Førest London


Førest London is a small shop placed at the 115 Clerkenwell Road, in London and it is certainly the most attractive Scandinavian and Dutch design of the area. Simple and Sober, Colorfull but clear, Wood domination with designed textile… Eva Coppens, the designer of Forest London Furniture, tries to make sure that her style correspond to the customers taste and maybe that is why she collaborates with Tamasyn Gambell, a printed textile designer. Both together are the perfect mix representing the Nordic countries.


But I think the most interesting would be to know how they make such beautiful furniture, does everything come from the craftsman ? Who is he ? I am sure the combination of all the skills of their team is the answer. […]







































Street Art CDW 2015


Impressive, Isn’t it ? Try to think about how they had the idea to make such an illusion, how they achieve to start with a project and finish with a “chef-d’oeuvre”. Yes because we can really call that a masterwork: they chose the clever way to combine illusion, art, street and design.

What more can we say ?


Material – Eco Chalk Acrylic

Supplier – MediaGang

Font – Clarendon

Designer – Manou Bendon and Jan Mohammed




























































Material – Vinyl

Supplier – Surface View

Font – Festival Titling

Designer – Monotype & Surface View








Have you ever seen an other design of skateboard except the original one ? Now, you did. Here are two different kind of skateboard designed by skateboard lovers.


The first skateboard presented is the “Rock and roll” (Thanks for the play-on-words) or the “Stone skateboard”, extracted from a special project from Lucas Munoz. He get inspiration from the simple definition of a vehicle : a land scrolling underneath while you still stand up. The most amazing in that story is that you can skateboard with this stone board. You could find a proof of my saying on his website, as well as other inspiriting projects with stone and rock.







The second one seems to be a simple skateboard. Actually this is a longboard designed thanks to a co-branding between Long Bö (Handmade longboards) and Stabörd & Co ( Designers-makers). This cobranding is now called Öbrand and seems to be a nice mix between sports and design.






Crazy about surf in streets with a Nordic style? Definitely, Longbö is the brand you need for. And, the little extra that make all the difference is that longboards are hand-made!








































Funny street maps






Original stars charts






Rock’n'roll zoo, Colour wheels – The colour of song etc