Quendon Furniture recognise that its business activities have both a direct and indirect effect on the environment. We are therefore committed to achieving best practice and constantly striving to reduce our environmental impact by operating as efficiently as possible.

We regularly assess our procedures, implement systematic ways to save energy and reduce unnecessary waste. It is our shared aim at Quendon to work with customers and suppliers to help improve their environmental performance.

Quendon Furniture is committed to reducing its carbon footprint of 38 tCO2 (2010) by 10% within the next three years. 85% of our emissions come from company vehicle use and electricity consumption hence these are our key focus areas.

In order to achieve our environmental goals we will:

  • Use Ecotricity as our energy provider. All our electricity is generated from Biomass and as such is 100% renewable.
  • Source all our timber from companies with good environmental credentials committed to sustainable timber policies. We aim to source our products from local suppliers wherever possible.
  • Update our existing lighting system to a more energy efficient system.
  • Reduce business mileage by maximising our local business opportunities.
  • Raise awareness internally by educating staff so they understand the link between our business activities and their environmental impact.
  • Minimise our production of waste by optimising our use of natural resources, and identify the best environmental disposal options, actively recycling wherever possible.
  • Partake in a regional Environmental Improvement Programme aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of SMEs in the East of England.
  • Aim to achieve the Carbon Smart Silver award.
  • Comply with all relevant legislation, codes of best practice and regulations.
  • We will communicate our Environmental Policy to clients and suppliers via our website, so that it is available to all stakeholders.
  • This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.

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